2012-13 Statement of Priorities

May 29, 2012

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2012-13 Statement of Priorities

Letter Summary:

In addition to addressing specific goals named in the Statement of Priorities, we would like to add general comments that apply to all the goals discussed below. The CAC would like to suggest that in order to be most efficient, goal setting requires milestones and measures of success. For all of the goals set in the OSC’s Statement of Priorities, it would be beneficial to add a discussion of how the success or failure of a certain initiative will be measured, timelines within which each initiative would be deemed a success or failure, and what steps would be taken if the initiative is not deemed to have been successful.

Overview of the Council’s Comments:

We would encourage the Commission to harmonize its regulations, as much as possible, with the other members of the CSA. We believe that harmonized regulation would be a significant boon to capital markets in Ontario and the rest of Canada as well as a force for improving investor protection.