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Our Vision

Shape the investment profession to best serve Canadian society.

Our Mission Statement

Lead the investment profession in Canada by advancing the highest professional standards, integrity, and ethics for the ultimate benefit of Canadian society.

Organization Overview

CFA Societies Canada is a collaboration of our 12 Canadian member societies. CFA Societies Canada aspires to lead the investment management profession in Canada by raising ethical and professional standards, promoting fair markets, protecting investors, and increasing brand awareness. We represent CFA charterholders, the 12 societies, and the members of those societies in Canada to policy makers, media, and the public.

CFA Societies Canada focuses on three primary objectives:

1) Advocacy:

  •  Be the leading advocate for investor interests, market integrity, ethics, and professionalism in the investment and financial ecosystems in Canada.
  • Be a proactive solution-builder and partner to regulators, policymakers, and government on issues facing investors, capital markets, and the investment and financial ecosystems in Canada.
  • Be a trusted source of expertise, guidance, and learning to regulators, policy makers, government, and the public.

2) Collaboration :

  • Selectively actualize the ambitions and aspirations of Canadian member societies on the regional, national and international stages by identifying, developing, and executing strategically valuable initiatives.
  • Foster strategic and operational collaboration between Canadian member societies.

3) Communication :

  • Strategically shape brand perception, content strategy, and related messaging.
  • Activate our existing and potential audiences on our strategic and operational objectives and various initiatives.
  • Effectively engage our stakeholders.

Board of Directors

CFA Societies Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from across Canada


CFA Societies Canada employs a full-time professional staff and relies on volunteers from across Canada to guide our organization and to support our ongoing activities, projects, and advocacy work.

Our Committees

As the national voice for financial analysts, we are proactively identifying, responding to, and offering solutions to relevant advocacy matters for our members and stakeholders.